The Line Ends Here for Big Conflicts of Interest

As true 100% Tenant/Buyer Representatives, Tenant Advisors and exclusive Tenant’s Agents, we pledge to…

  1. Protect Commercial Tenants and Owner-Occupants from the rampant conflicts of interest that still plague Commercial Real Estate.

  2. Represent only the interests of Commercial Occupiers.

  3. Never accept any property listings from Commercial Landlords.

  4. Use our professional experience, knowledge and integrity to deliver objective, superior advice for Commercial Occupiers. 

  5. Act as true advocates, fiduciaries and loyal, obedient Agents for Commercial Occupiers.

  6. Elevate the interests of Commercial Occupiers above our own.

  7. Abide faithfully by real estate laws wherever we act as advocates for Commercial Occupiers.

  8. Never act as a Dual Agent, Designated Broker, Landlord’s Subagent, Intermediary, Facilitator or Transaction Broker, all of which invite awful conflicts of interest and double-dipping of commissions/fees on both sides of your transactions.

  9. Accept no referral fees or compensation from outside vendors or professionals that we may refer to Occupiers.

  10. Treat Commercial Occupiers’ decisions as respectfully and as carefully as our own.

A War Story About Conflicts of Interest

Here’s a link to a stunning war story from Biznow AtlantaMajor US Tenant Files Suit Alleging Multi-state Real Estate Fraud & Bribery Scheme. It’s about what goes wrong when a major National Tenant doesn’t take Conflicts of Interest seriously. So it engages an international Commercial Real Estate Brokerage House, one quite accustomed to serving two masters with competing interests in the same transaction. Letting the fox count the chickens doesn’t usually end well and this war story certainly doesn’t for the Tenant.

Big CRE Brokerages Won’t Make This Pledge to You

It’s Time for You

To Be Represented.

Not brokered.™

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