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11 Great Reasons to Seek Ironclad Professional Advice

  • Working all day, every day as 100% Tenant/Buyer Representatives, we don’t get conflicted by listing any properties for Landlords.

  • Providing objective comparisons of properties, we level the playing field for Occupiers to negotiate harder and smarter with Owners.

  • Merchandising the desirability of our Clients, we cause Landlords to try harder to gain or retain your valuable tenancy.

  • Connecting you with highly experienced Real Estate Attorneys focused on Commercial Occupiers’ needs, not on unrelated general business or personal matters.

  • Developing and unlocking leverage to negotiate as a fiduciary and true, loyal advocates for Occupiers.

  • Driving hard bargains with Landlords and Sellers to win the best possible terms and conditions for Occupiers, we are tough-minded, patient negotiators.

  • We aren’t jerks, so we treat Landlords, Sellers, their Listing Agents and Property Managers respectfully because we know you need to live with them after your contract is fully executed.

  • Because life and business change, like during the COVID-19 Pandemic, we negotiate contingency provisions in purchase contracts and flexible lease terms, such as expansion rights and options to contract and/or to terminate.

  • Leading and remaining in the entire process, including negotiating contract language, we don’t disappear after the Letter of Intent (LOI).

  • Increasing net profits for most Occupiers, while we also save you significant time and minimize your efforts.

  • Tackling the Devil in the details hard, we unlock the leverage needed to negotiate the best possible leases, lease renewals, expansions and purchase contracts for Tenants and Owner-Occupants.

Be Represented. Not brokered.™ Worldwide.