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Landlords Curse More When You Have Our Insider Info

Unlike regular Commercial Real Estate Brokers, who show you only their own property listings on-line, we offer you the opportunity to search North America for all office, medical, flex, warehouse, manufacturing and industrial spaces to rent, buy, lease or sublet. We’ll find the best buildings for you in Austin/Round Rock, TX, and Denver/Boulder, CO, and elsewhere and then email you a professional report.

MacLaurin Williams purposefully doesn’t accept any property listings from Commercial Landlords or Investors. Why? Because property listings create awful conflicts of interest for regular CRE Brokers when they attempt to represent Tenants and Owner-Occupants. In 1996, this is why we decided to become full-time advocates only for Tenants and Owner-Occupants. We are 100% Tenant Advisors, Tenant Agents, Tenant Reps and Buyer Agents. Our pro property searches are not filled with (any) conflicts of interest.

Begin your conflict-free property search now using CoStar, the #1 Commercial Property Database in North America. See this sample of our fully vetted Office Survey #2. This is what you’ll receive when you hire us as your 100% Tenant’s Agent or Tenant Rep.

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