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Guessing Not Good, Useful Calculator Right-sizes Your Office

It’s critical to get the size of your Office Lease correct. If it’s too big, then you’re wasting your money. Get it too small and your productivity suffers. Preparing a Space Program — an inventory or list of your space needs — is your first step before drawing a Space Plan. Try Test Fits for your high and low Head Counts. Use this Space Calculator and then download your Space Program(s) as a PDF file(s).

TIP #1 – Circulation Area: For your internal connecting walkways between rooms, called your Circulation Area, use 35% for a heavy Private Office Layout but 40% to 45% for an Open Seating Plan. Include the Circulation Area or you’ll way underestimate your size needs.

TIP #2 – Core Factor: For the shared common areas of an Office Building, such as the 1st floor and all elevator lobbies, common corridors and common restrooms, you’ll need to specify the Core Factor, which is also called the Common Area Factor, Add-on Factor or Load Factor. Until we can help you to determine an Office Landlord’s actual Factor, we recommend using 20.0% initially because many Office Landlords have remeasured their buildings in recent years to increase their Rentable Areas (RSF), seeking to collect more in total rents.

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