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Want New Ideas to Make Your Best Workspace Decisions?

32 – COVID-19 Threatens to Blow Up Law Firms’ Intense Office Culture — For Good

Lawyers have spent more time in the office than many other professionals during the pandemic. Now they’re demanding more work from home. Between 100-hour workweeks and all-nighters at the office, many young lawyers climbing the partner track have long expected to put in copious amounts of face time.

31 – Six Things You Need to Know About New Accounting Rules for Leases

Ready or not, CFOs, the new FASB Rules for lease accounting will go into effect soon. They’ll make US firms that use GAAP and have significant leases have to expand their balance sheets. Here are six mission critical things you need to know.

30 – Brexit Dilema and Opportunity!

The United Kingdom has held a pivotal position in European venture capital as a hub for both investors and startups, and that’s particularly true in categories where it has been strong, including financial technology (“FinTech”), games and BioTech.

29 – Tight Real Estate Market? Try a Sale/Leaseback.

Finding the right space for your business is a complicated process involving a number of moving targets. Everyone is familiar with the old adage of “Location, Location, Location,” but timing and pricing will also dominate the decision-making process during your next commercial property acquisition.

28 – How to Get Free from Your Landlord’s Grip at Renewal Time

When Commercial Tenants need a 100% Tenant Representative the most is not when they need to relocate. It’s when they want to renew their leases. Even if you are a great negotiator, you simply can’t wing it at Renewal Time and expect to win.

27 – Corporate Real Estate Rule #1: Know Thy Business!

In today’s world, corporate real estate means different things to different companies, but one thing that is consistent for all firms is strategic alignment: the viewpoint of a company’s Corporate Real Estate Executives (“CREs”) should reflect the strategic goals of the company. CREs must mine all of the data and reports received on their industry and create knowledge that is pertinent to their company’s business in order to “read the tea leaves” of the market…

26 – Save Money Plus Improve Server Room Security

To save money and improve security for your data and server equipment, consider office buildings that have clean basement storage spaces to lease for your Server Room.

25 – How to Make Sure Your Work Letter Protects You 

Perhaps the most overlooked facet of leasing new office space is the complicated world of work letters, which are attachments or exhibits to a lease, identifying the Landlord’s responsibilities to fund all or a portion of the improvements to the Tenant’s premises.

24  Add $$$ to Your Bottom Line: State and Local Incentives

American companies are competing in a vast and highly competitive global arena. Economics are forcing companies to look very hard for the best and most economically competitive locations from which to work.

23 – Commercial Lease Negotiations Are Part Dance, Part Dogfight

How to gain the maximum advantage in negotiating a commercial lease with any Landlord. There’s a time to dance and a time to dogfight, whether you are renewing or renegotiating an existing lease or moving into a new building with a new Landlord.

22 – How Landlords Blow Up Your TI Allowance

Can a Landlord cause you to overspend a Tenant Improvement (“TI”) Allowance leaving you holding a surprise tab costing thousands? Absolutely, so it pays to eyeball your TI costs sharply, even in a “turnkey” situation.

21 – Thanks, Now We’d Like Our Office Security Deposit Back

So how do you get back a full refund of your Office Security Deposit? Doing it successfully is like having a credit card that pays 2.8% Cash Back at the end of a three-year lease or 1.7% Cash Back on a five-year lease. That’s a great credit card.

20 – Turn Your Building into Cash with Sale/Leasebacks

Given the current fiscal environment, the question of funding public and private sector projects is often a challenging one, but a powerful tool is often overlooked: Sale/Leasebacks.

19 – Learn the Game Before Playing Poker Against Commercial Landlords

Commercial Landlords play their peculiar brand of high stakes poker every day. Leasing office or industrial space from them can be complicated, time consuming and downright tricky… plus expensive if you make even a tiny mistake.

18 – Serving the Mining Industry? Consider Tucson, AZ, where opportunities abound.

Companies that service the mining industry will find a thriving, supportive mining community in Tucson, Arizona, where opportunities exist for start-ups, relocations or expansions, according to this white paper by Michael Coretz of Commercial Real Estate Group of Tucson.

17 – Lease Audits for Fun and Profit

Believe it or not, corporate tenants often spend more time and money matching up purchase orders and paying for bottled water than they spend making sure that their rent expense (most likely the second highest company expense after personnel) is correct.

16 – Which Office Tenants Should Consider a Lease Audit?

Should all Office Tenants audit their Landlords’ operating expenses annually? The answer is probably no. However, there are certain situations when auditing the Landlord’s lease operating expenses may be a very prudent business decision.

15 – The Top 100 Office Leasing Issues for Tenants

Lease (accurate & complete) – This is one change to which the Landlord shouldn’t object, since you are simply making the lease document consistent with the agreement with the Landlord. It is surprising how often the lease document doesn’t contain the agreed-to terms or describes them inaccurately.

14 – Lease Negotiation Tips for Tenants: 45 Ways to Reduce Occupancy Costs & Risks

Eliminate Personal Guaranty: The Landlord can look only to the Tenant entity in case of default.; 2. Eliminate Spouse from Guaranty: The Landlord can look only to the individual guarantor and may not be able to attach assets that are owned jointly between spouses.; 3. Limit Personal Guaranty to a fixed time period: The guaranty expires after said period.; 4. Limit Personal Guaranty to a fixed.

13 – Lease Renewals: Don’t Be a “Captive Audience” for the Landlord’s Benefit

For commercial tenants, the best way to understand how lease renewals work is to look at how wireless phone companies treat new clients versus their returning customers.

12 – Peeling the Big Apple – The Submarkets of New York City

When you walk in New York City, you quickly realize that each neighborhood has a different vibe, style and architecture. This is the beauty of Manhattan. Go ten blocks, and suddenly it’s a new experience.

11 – Good Guy Guarantees, What They Are & Why Your Landlord Wants One

A “Good Guy Guarantee” is a limited personal guarantee that enables a commercial Landlord to pierce your corporate veil as the Tenant and legally go after your personal assets, if your company stops paying rent and refuses to vacate your leased commercial space.

10 – A Short Course on Industrial Buildings

Want to know more about Industrial Buildings in general? This short course includes numerous photos & will get you up to speed very quickly with just a few clicks in a PDF file.

9 – So You Want to Sign a Commercial Lease in Toronto, Eh?

Toronto, like many large international cities, offers a distinctive business climate that reflects local regulations and national traditions, but the city also holds another important distinction: it has endured the volatility of the global corporate real estate market during the last four years remarkably well.

8 – Building Square Foot Measurement: How Buildings Can “Grow”

How to “Grow” a Building without moving a brick! How Landlord’s can increase their revenues by adjusting a building’s “load factor” or “common area factor” to increase a tenant’s “rentable square footage.”   

7 – Corporate Tenancy in France – C’est Magnifique

France is the second European economy and has great infrastructure, food, wine and flair, so there are plenty of business and cultural reasons to have business operations in France. But what are the compelling and motivating factors for the corporate tenant considering expansion into or relocation within the French market?

6 – Office Leasing in London: 7.5 Things the Landlord’s Agent Won’t Tell You

Leasing Office Space in the UK is not the same as leasing office space in the U. S.! This articles list ten key things you should know that the Landlord’s agent is unlikely to tell you.

5 – Landlords to Tenants: Catch Us If You Can

Tenant: “Why does it seem like we have less space than our Office Lease says?”  Tenant Rep: “The Landlord is, uh,… cheating you by using the gross SF (GSF) of your space as his usable SF (USF).”

4 – Navigating Five Lease Landmines

The cost of leasing corporate office space is normally the second highest expense for most companies and involves many complex financial considerations. Therefore, tenants must take a methodical approach to lease negotiations and diligently scrutinize all details of a proposed lease.  

3 – Work, Life, Balance and the Cool Factor

When I was originally put to task to find Gigya’s satellite office in Phoenix, Arizona, I had things to consider that went beyond brick and mortar. I needed to incorporate the fabric of our business and our culture into a living space. Gigya is a software company that gives business the power and ability to connect on a very personal level with their consumers and advocates.

2 – Negotiate These “Big Five” Items in Office Lease

Office Leases are like (paper) mine fields. There are dangerous places to step… beyond the rental rates. You know to hunt for a quality building with the right-sized suite and to negotiate the rental rates. But it takes extra time to find several buildings with viable spaces.

1 – Fun with Mozilla Firefox…. Technology Icon Expands Worldwide

Our work with Mozilla, the Mountain View, a California-based technology organization best known for its Firefox web browser used by 450 million people worldwide, began in early 2011 with a highly unusual but pleasurable phone call from Mozilla CFO James Cook.

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