Which Workspace Problems Do You Need to Resolve?

  • Paying too much rent (i.e. your net profits) to the Landlord?

  • Not having enough space to maximize your productivity?

  • Having too much space, which wrecks your budget?

  • Getting the best deal from your Landlord to renew your Lease?

  • Being in the wrong building to attract & retain top talent?

  • Opening a new office in another city or different part of town?

  • Securing the flexibility to expand, contract & cancel your Lease?

  • Needing more time than you have left to research the market?

  • Having a location that takes too long for your staff to get to work?

  • Wondering about the best way to open a new office or warehouse & who can help?

  • Getting on a fast track after a conflicted commercial broker wastes your time?

  • Being located in a building that isn’t accessible to clients & critical vendors?

  • Not having enough parking for your staff & clients?

  • Having inefficient space located on multiple floors or even in different buildings?

  • Wasting time trying to pin down Landlords’ Agents who make promises, but don’t deliver?

  • Being in a building where Operating Expenses or CAMs are too high?

  • Wondering if your Landlord’s Operating Expense Reconciliation you receive every spring is accurate?

  • Not receiving responsive service from your Property Manager?

  • Having the Landlord or Property Manager spend your TI Allowance unwisely?

  • Deciphering a tricky Lease versus Purchase decision without professional guidance?

  • Paying rent to a Landlord, when you could own & rent from yourself instead?

  • Wondering how to get a new building constructed, even without a developer?

  • Wanting to consider & compare a discounted Sublease versus a Direct Lease?

  • Figuring out how to beat your Landlord’s high renewal rates by purchasing a building or commercial condo with only 10% down on an SBA 504 Loan?

  • Puzzling over the best way to open a new office in a foreign country?

  • Wondering what Zoning you need for a new Office/Warehouse or Flex space?

  • Wanting to know if any Economic Development Incentives might be available for your company?

  • Having a few dings in your credit & figuring out how best to present your company to Landlords?


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